Quite probably, the primitive flute predates all musical instruments except the drum family. Before the age f metal there is archaeological proof of the flute-like instruments made from the hollow bones of birds. Apparently, these instruments had a religious or ritual significance, for they have usually been found with valued items buried with the dead.  

Through the migrations and travel of ancient peoples, the flute was carried to all continents, and every age and culture placed its stamp on the gradual development. Some of the ancient flutes were played vertically as a recorder. The flute in its various forms has retained for hundreds of years its pure and sensuous tone. Its original clumsy mechanisms and inaccurate scales were finally improved and stabilized in modern form by Theobald Boehm about 1832. 

From fill resonant low tones to sparkling clear upper register, Olds flutes and piccolos represent fine intonation, careful padding and superb adjustment. The embouchure plate us designed for maximum tone production with a minimum of effort. The forged nickel-silver keys are strong yet graceful. Adjusting screw allow for pin-point adjustment and rolled tone holes guarantee leak-proof coverage.